Brakes gone bad !

Brakes Gone Bad

Brakes are an integral part of any vehicle, be it the humble cycle or the speeding Formula 1 race car. Brakes have to be as effective as the engine of the vehicle. Brakes are supposed to do one thing, stop the moving vehicle in the manner the rider/driver desires to. You don’t want the brakes of […]

Tyre Maintenance for Dummies

As the title suggest, I want this article to be helpful not only for the folks who have just bought their first vehicle but also for the seasoned experts which can treat it as a refresher and can also provide their comments to make this article better. Tyres for our vehicle are what shoes are […]

4 reasons why you shouldn’t mess with a Cab Driver !

Cabs are everywhere these days, aren’t they ? Be it the everyday commute to the office or weekend travel to buzz places in the city or zooming to catch a flight, train or bus. Cabs have made life simpler; with the mobile apps, it is easy than ever to book a cab especially when you […]

How to use Handbrake (parking brake) for Activa

Handbrake is very common to car owners. Its majority purpose it to lock all the wheels of the car making it immovable which is pretty useful when parking on slopes. Most of us also use this feature on traffic signals as well. Some of the bike owners use the 1st gear and turn off the bike […]

How To : Drive- Ride- Walk safely in parking lots !

Parking lots have been a necessity for every one of us. Be it our home, office, the big and happening shopping mall or the famous chat joint; finding a parking spot for bike or car has become a matter of luck. The situation is going to become worse considering the amount of vehicles that are being purchased which is […]

How to prepare your 2 wheels for monsoon

As I am writing this articles, there are talks going on about Monsoon soon arriving to India. Rains can be both the best and the worst times for bike riders. The experience of riding your motorcycle in rain on a weekend is just divine. However what is horrifying is the daily commute between home office […]

5 reasons why every rider should wear a helmet

1. The Safety Even if you are a school dropout you would probably know this. “A helmet will save your life if you meet with an accident”. However, if you think a helmet ALONE can save your life in an accident then you better quit riding 2 wheels right away. Wearing a helmet just adds […]

2 Wheels: Your gateway to freedom.

Learning to ride a cycle is a big milestone in everyone’s childhood and owning one was the greatest possession then. Cycle certainly is the first set of 2 wheels that help us to explore the city. Besides the daily trips between school, classes and back home; it becomes the integral part of your freedom to […]