Review: DSG Phoenix Waterproof Jacket: Red [TXCJ014R]

After making the first purchase of DSG MotoMesh Gloves, I was on look out for a good riding jacket. Starting with Google research, followed by multiple visits to the DSG store and after trying out their multiple jackets, I made the decision to buy the DSG Phoenix Waterproof Jacket. It has been 2 years and 20,000 km […]

Review : Biking Brotherhood Shoes – Stay away from them

The Biking Brotherhood is a Chennai based manufacturer. They make Shoes, Gloves ,Jackets, Race suits etc. This review is based on my experience with the BB White Racing shoes. Let us get straight to the business then! Pros:- Comfort: I have done around 6000 km with these shoes that includes 17 hours ride in one day. The shoes are […]

Review :DSG MotoMesh Gloves

I was looking for gloves under 1000/- (DSG MotoMesh are priced at 1050/-). They are listed on DSG website here. These are the first set of gloves that I bought, have used for approximately 8000 km over 1.5 years and they still quite a bit of life left in them. Protection (3/10) The description on the DSG […]