Review : Motul 7100 4T 10W40 – Oil for the serious tourer

After being thoroughly impressed by Motul’s Ester based semi-synthetic 5100 10w30, I decided to try the Motul’s Fully Synthetic 7100  10w40 which costs approx. 800/-, that is 300 extra.  After approximately 3500 km that included 550 km one day trip, 1800 km 4 days trip and usual office commute on weekdays, here are my thoughts about 7100. As […]

Review : Indian Oil Citibank Credit Card

The demonetization move has surely surprised all of us Indians living in India and abroad, hasn’t it ? In this time, the cash has literally died for now and the cards and online wallets are doing exceptionally great. Only few might have imagined this scenario. When I started working around 7 years back, thanks to […]

Review : Motul 102992 M1 Helmet and Visor Cleaner

My Helmet has become an integral part of my 2 wheel commutes. Having learned about the benefits of wearing one, I am quite happy and proud about this habit of mine. So be it  the solo rides or accompanying somebody as a pillion, I don’t step out of the house without it.  Due to this extreme […]

Review : 3M Car Care Microfibre Cloth

Whether you are a person who prefers to wash his ride all by himself or has hired a person (mostly your watchman) to wash your car or bike; it’s time you should quit using the roadside yellow cloth or the pieces of the used expensive t-shirts to wash your vehicle.  If you are serious about maintaining […]

Review : Motul 5100 4T 10W30

For 3 or so years, I have been playing safe with engine oil for my bike. I have been using the Hero’s 4T 10w30 engine oil that is being poured in by default during the servicing. For the last service, however, I decided otherwise. Hero recommends 10 w30 grade, so I was on look out for oil […]

Review : Bikestuff Motorcycle Gear Shift Collar

The Bikestuff Shoe protector was an effective tool that saved my shoes from the gruesome torture of the gear lever. Things were very good while I was using it only with my office shoes that have a narrow profile. However, I also started using itwith my causal shoes that have a broader profile. As a result of this dual […]

Review : Bikestuff shoe protector

Every time I meet and greet people these days, I peek at their left shoe for a specific mark. The mark that is a sign of the left shoe being punished every time the gear is changed! Let me explain to you in a bit detail here.  The gear lever of the bikes can be […]