Day 10: Polem to Pune (524 km)

<<Day 9: Kannur to Polem (424 km) Day 10 was going to be our 2nd last day of the trip. As per our original plan, we were supposed to spend today’s day relaxing at the Kamaxi Beach resort, but I decided to do otherwise. I was terribly homesick so I decided to ride solo to Pune while […]

Day 9 : Kannur to Polem (424 km)

<<Day 8: Munnar to Kannur (366 km) Day 9 of the ride started even before the dawn. With 424 km to cover, Shohrat mentioned that he wanted to reach Goa before the sunset. The road till we exited Kerala was same as I have discussed before. The highway passes through the center of each adjacent […]

Day 8: Munnar to Kannur (366 km)

<<Day 7: Thekkady to Munnar Day 8 was a Sunday. Hence most of the folks in Kerala were busy in their weekly prayers at the church. This helped us to carry good speed while crossing the cities. The highways in Kerala pass through the heart of each adjacent city, hence the general time and distance calculation […]

Day 7: Thekkady to Munnar (100 km)

<< Day 6: Kollam To Thekkady (160 km) As you must have guessed from the title, today’s day was meant to be relaxed riding and covering only 100 km. So we began our day by visiting the Periyar National Park. Initially, I was quite reluctant of the idea as all I wanted to do was […]

Day 6 : Kollam to Thekkady (160 km)

<<Day 5: Rameshwaram – Kanyakumari – Kollam (464 Km) At KTDC Tamrind Kollam, we woke up to a spectacular view of the lake from our hotel window. After visiting Kanyakumari yesterday and riding for 460 km, we were in a mood to take it easy today. Today’s destination was Thekkady that was 160 km away. It sounded like […]

Day 5: Rameshwaram – Kanyakumari – Kollam (464 km)

<< Day 4 : Kodaikanal to Rameshwaram (282 km) We have a dream ! Our dream is to ride to Kanyakumari from Pune on bike ! This dream was going to turn into reality on day 5. It started very early for us as we left to witness the sunrise at the Dhanushkodi point that […]

Day 3: Ooty to Kodaikanal (250km)

  <<Day-2 : Shimoga to Ooty (520kms) Route : Wellington (Ooty) – Kotagiri -Udumalpet – Kodaikanal (250km) After riding for 17 hours on previous day, we had decided to start the day a bit late and we left Wellington at 11 am. Riding around Wellington we saw the first glimpse tea plantation. We were climbing down the […]

Day 2: Shimoga to Ooty (520 kms)

<<Day-1 : Pune to Shimoga (630km) We left our hotel at 6.45 am in the morning, around 30 mins late than what we had planned for. The delay was due to the hotel staff packing our sandwiches as breakfast before we left. Once the parcel was handed over, we quickly left. The sunlight was still […]

Day 1: Pune – Shimoga (630km)

<<One Crazy Idea (Pune – Kanyakumari – Pune motorcycle ride plan) 2-Jan 2016:- It was less that 24 hours and I was still running around collecting small items that were required for the ride. By 10 PM, I was done with dinner but thanks to the excitement level, I somehow managed to shut down my […]