Yamaha R3 : The Booking Experience

After the 2 major decisions were made (1. Should I buy a relatively expensive 2nd bike? 2. Which expensive bike should I buy?) it was time to get serious with the sales representatives, bargain hard and close the deal. During the same time the news and visuals of 2019 Yamaha R3 were out. I was all in panic mode and I wanted to get the current generation before it gets phased out.

During the test rides itself, I had circled 2 dealers both of which were close to my residence. To book the bike at a dealer I had below criteria:-

1. I should be allowed to select the bike from the warehouse

2. The dealer should do away with the handling charges

3. The dealer should be ok with me to have a choice number which I would procure from the RTO

4. I was no in a hurry in taking the delivery as far as I get 2018 model

5. Lastly, any cash benefit was welcomed

After carrying out many trips between the 2 dealers, I booked it with one of them. Except, point 2 in the above list, this dealer agreed my all other requirements. I had already dropped a mail to Yamaha questioning them about the unlawful practice of dealers charging ‘Handling Charges’. This dealer was aware of this, but requested me to pay rs 2000/- towards handling charges. He justified it as the cost that he incurs to unload the bike, maintain the warehouse space etc. I was still not convinced but he later offered me a voucher which I could redeem online towards clothing.

He also took me to the warehouse where I got a chance to pick my R3 among the 4 standing covered by sheets and a thick layer of dust. I was certain about the 3rd one as it was tucked between the rest meaning less chances of being fiddled with. To access this one, the warehouse guy had to roll out the first 2 ones. These 2 stood there in a staggered manner, wherein the first one was standing slightly ahead of the 2nd one.

I closely inspected the 3rd one and found some scratches on the tank area and I decided let it go. Similar was the case with the 2nd one! I didn’t bother to check the 4th, and I backed up a little bit only to be mesmerized by the 1st one. When I saw her again, I realized, even before I selected her, she had selected me. All this time she patiently stood there for me to finish my search. As if I was putting up an unwanted show. She stood there with confidence that we were made for each other come what may.

There was a strong connection with her. Without wasting anymore time, I took a few pictures of her, VIN and Chassis and asked the sales guy to click mine as well. I told him, I want this one (in my mind it screamed, ‘she wants me’)

The sales guy asked the technician to assemble the bike (put on the battery, mirrors and do a required PDI) and keep it read for delivery. I specifically instructed them that the bike must ‘not to be washed’ during the entire delivery process.

With immense joy and excitement, I left from there, whispering to her ‘I will come back for you, my love!’.

Back to the showroom, I paid the required booking amount and off I was humming “Udta hi phiroon in hawaon mein kahin”!

Next up: The heart wrenching delivery experience!

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