Why I bought the Yamaha R3?

In the previous article I talked about the brainstorming that I did on the options that were available to me. After literally reciting the ownership threads on XBHP, TeamBhp, Motohive and drooling over Youtube videos followed multiple test rides; I decided to put down my money on the Yamaha R3.

My criteria were:-

  1. All day long effortless cruising at 100 – 120kmph
  2. Minimal vibrations
  3. Good wind protection
  4. Thoroughly tested product and all niggles ironed out
  5. Longer servicing intervals, sensibly priced spares and servicing costs
  6. ABS is a must

The first 3 points were ticked off when I took a test ride on a highway.

  1. For overtaking I just had to think and the vehicle in the front was now in my rear view mirror. No waiting for bike to gain acceleration after giving the input. It felt instantaneous. The bike comfortably attains 100 kmph at 7,000 rpm which is just 53% of the total rpm range (Red line at 13,000). This is great for my use as I ride between 90-110 kmph. These speeds are like ‘just an another day’ for the engine. Also a great thing for the fuel consumption.
  2. Having ridden single cylinder engine for majority of my life, this Japanese twin cylinder’s smoothness felt unreal. It literally teases you to rev hard and go fast. I knew by this time that riding this bike will require tons of patience and self control. I might require meditation sessions.
  3. The funny part of this bike is, you don’t realize how fast you are going until you see the speedometer. One reason is the rev happy engine, other is the wind protection. Only the top most part of your shoulders and helmet is where the winds hits. Rest of the body is clueless about it.
  4. The suspension was good enough to soak the undulations of our beautiful highways. Expected from a bike that costs 4 lacs.
  5. The ground clearance is good enough to take on our pyramid like speed breakers
  6. As I already mentioned, I had consumed all the ownership reviews about it. The fact the first batch of bikes had issues and Yamaha had did a recall to fix them was assuring. Also, the 2018 version came with ABS and Metzeler tyres as result of the feedback Yamaha received. Since it was selling for over 3 years, the product is well tested and have undergone update (for good) as well.
  7. The ownership reviews also gave me a fair bit of idea about maintenance cost and availability of the parts. Also 5000 km service interval meant less trips to service stations and more to far of destinations.
  8.  Pictures and video don’t do justice to how sharp and beautiful this machine looks. Just the thought of owning it makes you go weak on your knees.

I still remember the first test ride! As soon I sat on the bike, it kind of accommodated me within itself. My legs wrapped the tank groves well and the bike felt very compact. In no time it became extension of me and it was super easy to maneuver it.  Also, the exhaust note was the icing on the cake.

Yet, you will be surprised to know that I striked her off after the first test ride itself as the seating posture felt really uncomfortable. It was only after repetitive test rides that I realized that it was just the matter of time til I got used to it. As I said before. “A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.”

In the next article I will tell you about the booking and the delivery experience which turned out to be nightmare! Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Why I bought the Yamaha R3?

  1. Wow really well written..I felt as if I have gone through the bike buying process..it’s a very good combination of your experience + what one should look for while buying a bike..loved this piece..

    1. Thanks Kushal. From your comment I can safely say that I was successful in putting my thoughts on the blog 🙂

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