How I Plan To Be A Better Motorcyclist In 2019

It is that time of the year when we make New Year Resolutions, isn’t it? It also the time to access the ones we made last year( 2018). Let us see how I fared?

Last year’s pointers were quite apt, so I am just going to build the new ones on top of them.

1> Spend less: I bought a Yamaha R3 costing 4 lac+ in 2018. Clearly I screwed this one up! This section needs special attention in 2019!

-Keep a record of expenses: I religiously did this for the entire 2018, and it helped me immensely. This is will continue for 2019.

-DIY v/s Service Centre: This also worked quite well for 2018 and I will surely make it work for 2019 at-least for Karizma. For R3, the 5000 km service interval and 2 free servicing should take care of it.

-Preparation of long trips: I have been on a shopping spree for last 5 years. Besides replacing the worn out gear, I have most of the stuff I need. This should be easy for 2019.

-Stay away from Biking Events: Religiously following this for past 2 years and will continue in 2019 as well.

-Let go the magazine subscriptions: It is going to Fast bikes subscription and Jio Mags!. Will be writing a detailed review about Fast Bikes Magazine soon.

2> Be there for my family: Striking a balance between your hobby, health, career and family is a skill. One who masters this skill will have it all!  Currently, I am at the beginner stage for 2019!

3> Realistic Riding Plans: I am happy how this worked out in 2018. India is diverse country in all sense. I am so proud of its rich history and varied landscapes. Hence my riding plan would be associated with exploring a new place, revisit history or understand a tourist attraction and take back home new experiences and point of views besides clocking kilometers on the odometer.

All this has to happen without burning out myself and my wallet! Both of these need ample rest as well.

4> Ride different types of bikes: There are many bike rental service available now. Will make a point to use them and will share my experience on the blog.

5> Ride to different types of terrain: Hire a Royal Enfield Himalayan or Hero Impulse to go off-road is surely on the cards. Will have to put this on the calendar.

6> Practical modifications to bike: Karizma is all set, R3 will require minor modifications in terms of luggage mounting.

7> Create a record of rides:- My portable hard disk is full of pictures and videos that I didn’t revisit 2nd time! I need a solid and realistic plan coupled with efforts to get them on the blog here and on the Youtube. For 2018, I was lazy.  For 2019, I need to pull up my socks!

8> Health: This was a low point in 2018. It requires most attention in 2019. If you follow me on Instagram @rwmotovlogs, you will know that cycling is going good for 2019. I hope to keep the consistency and momentum going.

For 2018, I had a plan but discipline was missing. As a result I turned out to be a inconsistent performer. For 2019, Discipline and Consistency is what I need.

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