Dear Bikers, we need to stop judging other bikers.

Biker:- Is a person with a mental and emotional disorder wherein he constantly feels a strong urge to go for a ride at any given point in the time. The size, type or brand of his motorcycle(s) doesn’t matter.

I have put the definition of the term ‘Biker’ at top to set the direction for this article. So if the bike is ‘just’ a convenient mode of transport for you, then it safe to assume that you are a normal person and not a ‘biker’.

You are also a normal person if you own one or many exotic bikes but don’t ride them. It is ok, it is your hard money and you can do whatever you want with it.

Coming back to the topic of bikers. ( I strongly recommend that you re-read the ‘biker’ definition mentioned above again before you proceed). Every biker someday or other, has or will judge another biker. The factors are pretty simple. Type or brand of bike, different biking groups and what not. To make my point clear let me give 2 examples.

I always loved riding motorcycles and the touring bug bit when I did this trip on my Karizma. Thereafter there was no looking back. Before this happened and even after for couple months, I didn’t knew that there are many such souls who rode length and breadth of our country and a few even beyond. It is only after I went through the travelogues on famous biking portals.

Like every new biker, I would look forward to attend biking meetups and events. I attended a few and then realized something; not everybody wanted to talk to me or welcome me. This is was time that I rode only my Karizma. The Karizma owners group were warm and kind enough and I thoroughly enjoyed their company. But things were not rosy when it came to open bike meetups or clubs.

At such clubs, the talk would happen more about fancy and powerful bikes and less about trips, or sharing experiences or guiding the other members on their upcoming trips; which ironically what exactly happens on their portals! Also, more people gathering at a spot or an event means more business for everybody.

The person with costliest and loudest bike would be the center stage for most of the time. When I take a step back and think over it, I realize it might OK for them but not worth the time and money for me. I wanted to meet people irrespective what bike they ride and be inspired by their stories and not by their costliest riding gear. Having said that, I meet 2 of my rider buddies at one such event and we have covered thousands of kilometer together since then.

Now, I have a small circle of folks with different bikes with whom I plan for upcoming rides. My recent awakening came when 2 people joined us on their 160 cc bike (one as a pillion). This was going to be my R3’s first outstation trip, so I was pretty damn excited and looking forward to go full out. I will be honest with you, the thought of these new 160 cc riders slowing me down did occur to me multiple times. It was true when we were on open highways. But as soon as we encountered traffic or bad roads, these so called slower chaps caught up with us, meaning we reached our destination in more or less at the same time.

Further during the night camping, they told me about their biking adventures and I was thoroughly impressed. You see in the first example I felt like a misfit and in the second one, I judged these new folks too soon.

My point is, as bikers we need stop judging people based on their bikes, religion or region or language we speak or food we eat. There are already many walks of life which put these aspects on the center stage. Let us try and keep biking out of it.

I am saying this not only to preach you all but also as a reminder to myself. I am ready to join any biker and any biker is free join me, the criteria should be to ride and create memories. Peace Out!

4 thoughts on “Dear Bikers, we need to stop judging other bikers.

  1. I am planning to add a few things to this one:

    1. As responsible bikers, we use high quality gear but refuse to let go smoking and other bad habits which will eventually get you killed. I mean, logically, if you are careful about your health and wellbeing, why have a single-minded approach?
    Same people do not wear seatbelts while driving car.

    2. Overdoing it:
    Conversations like.. “Hey, what level of CE certification does your touring jacket offer? Mine is level 2.”

    3. Installing full system racing exhausts and driving in city, on the pretex of “we plant more trees to compensate for the additional pollution”. That is one of the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my entire life, that too from a youtuber.

    4. The expensive bike very easily gets in our head and brings out the “That fucking pedestrain is in my way” attitude. What a buzzkill.

    5. Not training enough:
    Motorcycling is a sport. I graduated from a Discover 125 to R3 and realized how easy it is for this bike to get me killed. Every time I got my bike for service, I found at least 2 other bikes which were lying out there unrecognisable due to some accident, and I always used to think it can never happen to me. Until recently when one of my close friend had an accident because he did not understand how to manoeuvre a heavy bike downhill under panicky situations. Counter-steering failed him, or he failed motorcycling? Long conversation I guess.

    I can go on and on, but above are some of my thoughts. I hope I did not offend anyone 🙂

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