Fully loaded Car? What about the Tyre Air Pressure?

Majority of the time my car does city duties, malls, visiting friends and families or office commute. But there are times where I drive with my family to my native town with tons of luggage in the boot. The car is literally fully loaded and I can clearly feel the difference the way it responds […]

The itch to upgrade!

For those of who follow me on Facebook are aware that I have been riding a 2013 Hero Karizma which is great a bike, a legend, a few may say and it is certainly close to my heart. Because it was this bike that got me into the beautiful world of touring. (Before Karizma I […]

Best Motorcycle Mechanic in Pune?

After 35,000 km of riding and even with regular care and maintenance, I started witnessing a weird metal clinging noise from the Karizma’s engine. Since it was the engine in the doubt, I decided against the DIY route and with a ‘heavy heart’ dropped the bike at the Hero Authorized Service Center’. Having specifically informed […]