How to use Handbrake (parking brake) for Activa

Handbrake is very common to car owners. Its majority purpose it to lock all the wheels of the car making it immovable which is pretty useful when parking on slopes. Most of us also use this feature on traffic signals as well. Some of the bike owners use the 1st gear and turn off the bike to attain the same result.

How do you do this with mopeds such as Activa ?

Well mopeds also have parking brakes available as a small lever near the left (rear) brake lever as you see below.


The type of lever might vary for manufactures and for models, but the working remains more as less the same.


To engage the handbrake (parking) brake, pull left brake lever (with your left hand) and use your right hand to pull the parking brake lever up as shown in the above picture.

The parking brake lever, acts as a stub or stopper to hold the rear brake lever in “pull” position locking the rear wheel. To verify if the parking brake is engaged and working, let go your hands and try to move your moped.


To release the brake, just pull the rear brake (and not the parking lever) enough to release the parking lever which then should fall back into its original position and you should be good to go !

This function is quite useful when you have to stop on the slopes especially when you have a pillion, some heavy luggage between your legs or you just feeling lazy to hold the brake lever.

To use this function effectively, you rear brake needs to be in top condition, so missing the routine service would not be a good idea.

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Special mention of my wife (Swati) for lending her Activa and clicking all the pictures 🙂

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  1. I’ve spent hours trying to get an answer to this question of where is handbrake on a moped and how do you apply and release it? This article is crystal clear and straight to the point! Wish I had stumbled upon it a few hours ago. But thanks anyway. Brilliant!

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