How to use Handbrake (parking brake) for Activa

Handbrake is very common to car owners. Its majority purpose it to lock all the wheels of the car making it immovable which is pretty useful when parking on slopes. Most of us also use this feature on traffic signals as well. Some of the bike owners use the 1st gear and turn off the bike […]

Bajaj Avenger 220: Call me a cruiser

This year June, I was in Goa again. One of my favorite things to do in Goa is rent a bike and explore the roads of this beautiful state.  This time I decided to rent a Bajaj Avenger much against my interest in cruiser bikes. After Yamaha Enticer disappeared, Bajaj Avenger (formerly Kawasaki Eliminator) is […]

How To : Drive- Ride- Walk safely in parking lots !

Parking lots have been a necessity for every one of us. Be it our home, office, the big and happening shopping mall or the famous chat joint; finding a parking spot for bike or car has become a matter of luck. The situation is going to become worse considering the amount of vehicles that are being purchased which is […]

Day 3: Ooty to Kodaikanal (250km)

  <<Day-2 : Shimoga to Ooty (520kms) Route : Wellington (Ooty) – Kotagiri -Udumalpet – Kodaikanal (250km) After riding for 17 hours on previous day, we had decided to start the day a bit late and we left Wellington at 11 am. Riding around Wellington we saw the first glimpse tea plantation. We were climbing down the […]