Review : Bikestuff shoe protector

Every time I meet and greet people these days, I peek at their left shoe for a specific mark. The mark that is a sign of the left shoe being punished every time the gear is changed!

Let me explain to you in a bit detail here.  The gear lever of the bikes can be of 2 types.

1. Toe and hill shifter: This has been the defacto for most of the bikes that have a relaxed riding position which includes Royal Enfields and other old generation commuter bikes in India.

With this gear levers, your shoes won’t take a toll as you can change gears either with toe or heel as required.

2. Only toe shifters: Since the launch of Hero Honda CBZ, rear set foot pegs were introduced to Indian masses and so were the toe shifters. This gave CBZ an aggressive riding stance that most of us feel in love with. These days every bike manufacturer use this setup.

So to shift gears, you press the lever down with the toe and dig your toe underneath the lever to pull it up. The latter scenario is what tortures your shoe.

Coming back to my greeting scene. If I happen to spot this mark on their shoe, I always mischievously inquire to them about it and they all have the same answer. “My bike is to be blamed for it”

Well, Bike Stuff shoe protector can solve this. Just slide it over your shoe on the area where the lever rests on the shoe and forget about it. After using it for a year, following are my thoughts:-


-It does exactly what is called. Protects your shoe from the gear lever.

-At 299 /-, I won’t say it is cheap but certainly feels so when you use 3000 /- + Nike or Clarks shoes.


-The build quality is ok. If you use it every day, it should last at least for 3-6 months.

-It is meant to be used only when you are riding. Forget to remove and walk around with it the whole day and it won’t last for a month.

– I once forgot it on my shoe while I was not wearing it for a weekend. Since then shoe has wrinkles on it.

These can be bought from amazon here

I hope this article gets mercy to those left shoes and some piece of mind to their owners. And of course, the beautiful machines that we called bikes will be less cursed  🙂