Review : Bikestuff shoe protector

Every time I meet and greet people these days, I peek at their left shoe for a specific mark. The mark that is a sign of the left shoe being punished every time the gear is changed! Let me explain to you in a bit detail here.  The gear lever of the bikes can be […]

Day 1: Pune – Shimoga (630km)

<<One Crazy Idea (Pune – Kanyakumari – Pune motorcycle ride plan) 2-Jan 2016:- It was less that 24 hours and I was still running around collecting small items that were required for the ride. By 10 PM, I was done with dinner but thanks to the excitement level, I somehow managed to shut down my […]

Always Give Way To Ambulance. Empathize, Someday It Could Be You.

  “Always Give Way To Ambulance. Empathize, Someday It Could Be You” says a board that is put by Kalyan on his bike. I asked him some questions about it and here is what he had to say:- Why did you put up this banner on your bike? Every now and then we see an […]

Review :DSG MotoMesh Gloves

I was looking for gloves under 1000/- (DSG MotoMesh are priced at 1050/-). They are listed on DSG website here. These are the first set of gloves that I bought, have used for approximately 8000 km over 1.5 years and they still quite a bit of life left in them. Protection (3/10) The description on the DSG […]